Blogging is fun and easy to do, and you may be interested in learning how blogging can help you with SEO. You don’t have to be a programming genius to set up and maintain a blog. You don’t even need to know HTML. If you are new to blogs, websites, and online business in general, start by taking the easy road to learning how blogging can help you with SEO.

Once your outline is done, collect all of your effective blog posts that you want to put into your ebook. Put each post in its proper position in your outline. This will automatically categorize them. It’s okay if some posts are used placed into the outline more than once. You will sort all of this out later.

You’ll find all sorts of arguments from so-called “experts” who can explain in great detail why WordPress is better than Blogger, or why TypePad is superior to Joomla. You can even find plausible arguments for saying why you should ignore all kinds of blogging services and have bespoke software developed specifically for your needs.

In the end – what is in it for your readers to come to your site and read your posts? You need to provide them with some sort of value. It could be education, entertainment, giveaways or some content that they cannot find elsewhere. If you are providing information that can be found elsewhere then what value can you offer that others are not offering?

Proofreading – the old way – with paper and a red pen will help catch errors not identified by spellcheck. Recruit a friend, colleague or relative to proofread your blog for you. This will not only give you more time to focus on other tasks, but also get your blog post in front of someone else for review prior to publication.

Add in any relevant images and links – it is helpful to spice up your blog a bit with relevant images. It gives the reader something to look at while they read your blog and makes it a bit more interesting. As well having links about the things you are taking about is helpful as well so the reader can easily view what you are talking about.

In these two examples, the article is considerably more serious in marketing the product by means of letting the readers know what is in it and how they can get hold of it. Everything is based on facts that are well-researched. The blog post on the other hand is based on the actual experience of using the product.

Either you load a blogging software or let a blogging hosting service do it for you. Host services such as LiveJournal and are the most popular in this field. Those hosts will provide you with easy instructions on how to put up your blog easily.