Do you want to make a financial donation to a list of charities that are closely helping the causes that you would love to help? Giving back to others is a noble one; but you can maximize the impact of giving by following some simple tips that will help to make much of your donations to list of charities.

Willy says that the early days of the business were something of a struggle as each member of the family settled into the roles that suited them best. This meant that the business was not as efficient or profitable as it could have been. Of course, this is not unusual as businesses often take a year or two to find their direction as they test various systems and processes.

Donate it! Donate it to a non-reputable local charities, like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Certain items may be able to find special homes. Cell phones, for example, can be donated to organizations that give them to battered women.

Have Every Child Bring a Used Toy or Item to Give to Charity – Instead of having every child bring a new item to be donated to charity, have everyone bring in a used toy, or other item. These items can then reputable local charities be donated to a non-profit organization. For children who aren’t excited about having a charity party, you can have everyone bring in a small gift for the birthday child in addition to a used item.

Charity Water: One hundred percent of the funds they raise from the public go directly to water projects to help the 800 million people worldwide without access to clean water.

These organizations are local and they have toy drives and give out gifts to children and families that they have collected from the community. Spark of Love is associated with the local fireman and fire stations.

Albom chose to help out the Pilgrim Church (also known as I am My Brother’s Keeper), located at 1435 Brainard Street in Detroit. He said there was a huge hole in the roof, which allowed rain and snow to pour in. “They built a plastic tent inside the church,” the columnist and radio host said. That’s when Albom met the pastor, a man by the name of Henry Covington.

Always encourage direct response because if you’re building a business or a charity the design is to reach more people. The people you’re already reaching are the key to the people you will reach. Give them a voice.