It’s hot and it’s summer and you’re thinking “OK, I got the planning down to paper. What next?” Surely you are well on your way to the aisle but there are so many other things to do. But don’t worry — every step is not without fun.

Be kind to yourself. What you hate about your features nobody else sees until you point it out. So stop already! You are the only one that can be you. So be true to yourself and you will look great!

They are the hot new trend at Dave Spink Photography and once you have been to a wedding that has one you will know why. They provide hours of entertainment for all ages and at the end of the night your guests will walk away with unique keepsakes from your wedding that they will cherish forever.

You can also follow Hollywood’s trend and have a photobooth at your event. Whatever the event a focus booth new york can guarantee your guests will have a great time and will be talking about your event for years to come. Everybody who attends your event will have loads of fun taking silly photos for them to keep. Guests enjoy frequenting the photo booth over and over again trying to come up with the best poses. Providing props also gives them increased ways of taking the best or funniest photos.

Keep it So Sparkly. Kids love to use glitter. Draw designs with a bottle of glue and then sprinkle glitter on top, or try glitter glue or even sparkly nail polish. Another less messy option is to use salt. Spread a glue stick over the area and then sprinkle salt. The iridescent sparkles add just enough bling.

Use a humidifier to hydrate your pores and skin within the winter months. Heating systems send dry air through your home when it is chilly out. A humidifier will hold your pores and skin from getting too dry. Think about inserting a number of small humidifiers round your home to keep your entire area flooded with moist air.

This weekend, start your St. Patrick’s Day celebrating by attending the Atlantic City St. Patrick’s Day Parade happening on the Boardwalk Saturday, March 10th at 1 p.m. This free event will help you get your green on and help to bring you out of the winter blahs. The parade begins at States Avenue. You will enjoy a festival of color, music and fun featuring marching bands from area high schools, string bands, Irish step dancers, bagpipers, floats, and more. Details: (609) 742-9092.

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