Cracks between paving stones and at the edge of the patio, which often get colonized by weeds, can be used to grow a range of ground hugging, drought tolerant plants that are tough enough to be walked on occasionally. They will also prevent the weeds from returning. To prepare the crack, first remove any weeds. Perennial weeds are best killed with a translocated weed killer that will kill the whole plant, including the roots. Use a screwdriver to dig out the loose material between the paving slabs, reaching down as far as possible.

The first thing you need to do is decide which Join my project you want to grow. If you don’t spend some time thinking about this you’ll end up growing some you don’t need, and leave out some of the others that are essentials for your cooking.

Consider what will be a good location for your herb garden. Remember they like well drained soil and about five to six hours of sun per day. Start small but you will find that adding to this garden yearly will be your goal. Herbs are easy to grow and satisfying as you can give them to neighbours as gifts or use them yourself. There are many uses for them.

First of all don’t cut out important food groups like fruit, vegetables, meat and fish – your health will suffer and that’s not smart. You can go for cheaper choices without losing out on taste and vitamins. For example, use chicken legs or thighs instead of breasts in a casserole for more flavour at half the cost, but cook it for longer so that the meat is tender (using a slow cooker will save on electricity as well).

In Growing herbs order to make any useful amount of essential oil you need to know how to get the essential scent from the natural material. There are some materials that take special stills before they can deliver their tiny amounts of precious essential oil. You need to do your research to see what abundant natural material around your home can be made into your own essential oils without a lot of expensive and complicated equipment.

Ideally, you should cook them yourself to avoid the harmful effects of BPA, a chemical found in canned foods. Start with dried beans and soak them overnight. Then, bring the chick peas to a boil and allow them to simmer for between ninety minutes and two hours. If you want creamy hummus, add in a teaspoon of baking soda in the last hour of cooking. It is important to note that the baking soda does deplete the beans of some of their nutrients, so you need to weight whether texture of nutrition is most important to you.

If you have a little sunny space on a patio or balcony, you can grow your own herbs easily. You can use them for cooking, home remedies, or whatever takes your fancy. One of the best things is that you can even dry them for storing. The herbs you grow will add some life to your patio space, and fresh scents that will give you joy on a warm summer evening. It is really a fun and rewarding experience. The purple lavender, white flowers of the chives, and other colors will look beautiful too!