Imagine you are a salesperson who has spent most of the month trying to generate new business by cold calling without much success. This morning, out of the blue, your sales manager hands you a request for a proposal (RFP). Phew!…you can stop prospecting. Here’s someone who actually wants to buy your product! You can put the phone down and start work right away on a real live one!

Go home and call another cruise agency and ask for their cruise specialist. Give that agency the same information along with the price quoted by the first agent. See if this agent can beat the price. If she can, go back to the first agent and tell her your mother, sister, friend, was able to get a better price and can she meet that price. Chances are she will, especially if she has placed you on a chutes parts. Don’t feel bad about this. You will probably book with the first agent, and the second agent did not do any work except make a phone call. This will also let you know if the first agent did a good job. If agent number 2 can’t beat the price or quotes you a higher price, bingo, you’ve got yourself a great agent in on the first try.

I am always amazed at how many retailers buy a station simply because THEY are a listener. The only reasons to do this is to reach like-minded business associates, or to stroke your ego.

Two other lucky miners, by the name of Kirkpatrick and McAllister, had a very narrow escape from death. They jumped away from the place where they had been working just as the accident happened. They were carried away by an avalanche of dirt down a midland trash chute doors to a lower level of the mine where they succeeded escaping danger.

Janell Wheeler then sang “What About Love” by Heart, and didn’t do well. She didn’t hit the notes and seemed ill at ease on stage. Randy said it wasn’t a great song choice, and Ellen was more generous, saying a few notes were off but she likes Janell. Simon said it was “100 percent effort, but delivered 65 percent.” Kara thought the song was too big for Janell’s voice.

There are certain components that you should consider if you want your closet system to have a luxurious feel. One is the valet bar. Valet bars stay hidden until you pull them out. They can be used to temporarily hang suits, coats and clothing while you dress.

Planning a trip to the Big Sky Ski Resort is a great option for people who want variety and excitement without having to wait in long lines. If you find yourself at Big Sky when it is busy you can escape the crowds by skiing on the back side of Andersite. However, if you are a novice skier you will want to keep to the main trails on the front side of the mountain and on trails that are well marked. For the more adventurous, consider straying slightly from the normal trails and explore the backside of Andersite, or for a real thrill ride, consider navigating your way down the double diamond runs that plummet from the summit of Lone Peak.