How much do you know about your home equity? If you are like most people it is probably one of the largest assets you have, how much do you know about it?

The only people that get rich on those schemes are the people starting them and the large list owners that are promoting them. Yet there are thousands taking these gurus up on these types of “businesses” every day. Believe it or not, an internet business doesn’t materialize overnight and make you rich. An online business is like any other business, building slowly over time. You just have to stick with it.

In the event that you get a 36-month loan at 4% with a $2000 rebate, your payments (monthly) will be $30 lower. You would also save a little ove $1100 over the cost of the 0% loan. Always run the numbers. If you are a little math-phobic that’s okay. Use one of the many online Guaranteed payday loans no denial calculators available.

If you are going through personal bankruptcy proceedings, take an occasional walk outside with a friend or loved one. Remember that while you have been through tough financial times, yourself worth is not based on your net worth. Keeping your wits about you will help you stay composed enough to make sure that bankruptcy works for you instead of against you.

The old investment adage is to be conservative when people are being greedy and be greedy when people are being conservative. The finance markets this decade have been a perfect example of how this works. Built on a house of cards, the real estate and stock market bumped up dramatically for much of the decade. Sooner or later, it was going to go bust. It did and we see the carnage of banks failing, homes going into foreclosure and the stock market in tattered shreds.

The next thing to do is figure out the numbers that make sense for your situation. There are times when a 0% loan is on offer by the dealer. This is enticing in comparison to a 5% interest rate or higher. Before you jump on the deal, take another look at the offer. You could be in a better financial position by capitalizing on a cash rebate instead.

Given the state of the economy and markets, you might want to hide your head in the sand when it comes to financial issues. Don’t! There are a ton of opportunities out there that could result in huge wealth building opportunities for you.