A common experience in childhood, one an adult would view as very minor, can grow to a life pattern of relationship problems. Mom or Dad may be in the middle of getting dinner ready when the 2-year old comes in wanting to say something important. It could be about his car that lost a wheel or her frustration that she couldn’t get the block through the correct hole. Because dinner has to get on the table, the parent doesn’t listen to the problem and instead says, “I’m busy. Go into your room and play.” This ordinary event can set off a cascade of life events in a sensitive child.

Jesus’ understanding of God’s will is superior to ours or his opponents. Jesus’ reply to the Sadducees affirms that there will be a resurrection where the new life will be much different from what we think it will be. For example, many of you are suffering from the health effects of old age. In the new life after the resurrection, there will be no more suffering or pain-only hope, peace, joy and health.

As I relate the pattern of what can happen, know that I’m not blaming the parents for setting some necessary boundaries. What I’m relating is how easy some of the wounds in childhood can grow and develop into major adult problems. All Mom and Dad wanted to do was get dinner on the table so everyone can eat. There was never an intention, in the particular way I’m telling this story, to be harsh or hurt the toddler.

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Often times we give our children too many choices, and that is too much freedom and opportunity to negatively impact their life. We want them to respect their bodies, but we don’t enforce rules on clothes – especially in how to dress for Mass. We ask them to follow our rules at home, but in God’s home we let them do as they please?

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