There are so many plumbing problems that you can face and not be prepared for. For example, you may wake up one day to find that your basement is flooded or go for a shower in the morning and find that something is wrong with the water pressure or find that the sewage line backed up. In times like these you can’t do anything but enlist the services of a licensed plumber. So here is a list of plumbing problems that you may face and this will help you to respond promptly.

When attaching two threaded pipes the Teflon tape is wrapped around the male pile and it makes attaching the two pipes together easier. The plumber or repair person, will wrap it around the pipe by overlapping the tape and winding it around the entire threaded end of the pipe.

Do not use this method if you know that the clog is caused by something such as a child’s toy. When buying a plunger, remember that the larger the plunger, the more pressure you will be able to force down into the drain. Buying a heavy-duty plunger with a rubber flange on the bottom or the ball-shaped types are your best bets. Use these types of plungers for getting the best seal when you need to clear a clogged toilet.

Steady work- There will always be a need for plumbers, which means that people who choose to work in this industry will get to enjoy steady work. Additionally, the uncertain economy does not seem to have any effect on the industry.

When the temperature drops below freezing, protect exposed pipes from the weather by adding a source of heat near the pipes. Ranging from electrical tape applied directly to the pipes to small space heaters placed near exposed pipes, keeping the temperature above freezing can prevent costly repairs caused by frozen pipes.

‘Okay Brain,’ I said authoritatively to myself. Listen up. This is a takeover. Takeover #1, Takeover #2, Takeover #3. I made it into a counting exercise. I visualized the word Takeover and the number sign and number in my mind like large cue cards on a movie set. When I got to Takeover #15 I started back at Takeover #1.

Again, people who are interested in joining the plumbing service industry should make sure that take the time to weigh the pros and cons. Plumbers do get to enjoy steady work with great pay. However, this profession is also physically demanding, and it may require that a person work extended hours in the evenings and on weekends.