In the process of getting a website, you probably will hear the term name server or DNS. You may hear these terms at other times as well. If you hire someone to set up sites they may talk about needing to know your name server and changing your DNS, yet never explaining what that means or entails. Soon you will know.

Now days the HTTP server are very sophisticated. Web 2.0 allows sending many requests to the browser and get responses without the need to refresh the whole screen. This makes it easy to process information inside the page without affecting the whole page. This makes it easy and interactive to exchange information quickly in sites like Facebook.

But there have been some tragedies. Stephen Allen of Loveland, CO, was beaten and stabbed to death in May 2008 when he tried to serve divorce papers. Incidents like that one are simply vivid reminders that process servers need to be vigilant about protecting their safety.

So what does it take to get into this growing profession? Typically a process server must be a disinterested party to the lawsuit and over the age of 18. In order to become a process service some states have an education or examination requirement but it tends to be less than that than what is required to obtain a real estate license.

We are considering the file server as the network server example. The most important work that it does is protecting and keeping the files secure the access to the files is fast. Suppose that one work station fails then you can go to another work station and can access the files easily. In any company there are different levels of managements. You do not want all sorts of people to view all types of files. This is possible in this type of file server. Each person can have his personal folder to store files at his level. These files will also get all the back up of this server system.

One of the reasons of doing cloud hosting trial is to establish the efficiency of the services provided. Clients are very impatient. They may not wais for the second time once something has failed. Therefore the trial is meant to establish whether the services provided can satisfy the clients or they may be rebelled. At this stage, there is the establishment whether the services given too are up to standard.

After that when you scroll down the installation page there are a lot of directories and addresses that are already set up for you. The ones you should take note of are the ones that start with http:// as these are the urls that you will use to access the admin section and to read your blog.

I have explained here the operation and evolvement of the HTTP server. This description should give bird-eye overview about the way an HTTP server works and allow programmers to understand the reasons of creating things as they are.