Good customer service in a retail store goes far beyond making that one sale to that one customer. Here are 4 reasons why good customer service will increase your business and bad customer service can put you out of business.

In selling, the receptionist is often referred to as the “GATEKEEPER”. The rejectionist, uh, receptionist is referred to in this manner because one of his/her job descriptions is to keep sales people from the owner/manager. I have heard that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so why risk it? There are a few simple premises on which Telus webmail down is based. If you adhere to these principles, you will be more successful more often.

Create and project an impressive image of your company and the competition will have to work very hard to seduce and steal your prospects and customers.

Another benefit of this market is that you’ll have a pool of skilled users . Just get a user forum running, and that’ll relieve you from most of the support job. The users would be able to help each other here. Many established companies have a well kept user-forum customer services that acts as a support system. However keep a watch on the forum, to avoid getting back-bitten, though that wont take up much time on daily basis . Phone & chat support can be avoided here. Users would prefer to have an efficient email based ticketing systems like Cerebrus HelpDesk or kayako.

The easier it is for your customers to purchase from you, the more likely they are to purchase now and return in the future. Eliminate cumbersome hoops whenever possible. In this day of credit cards providing a “buy now” clickable link increases sales.

No one’s perfect. We all make mistakes; it’s part of learning. So when you do make a mistake, don’t try to cover it up or deny it. Just admit it and if necessary, do something to make the situation right. Your customers will appreciate it and they’ll be more likely to stay customers.

The ingredients of a good voicemail message are simple. When recording a voicemail message smile and start your message with an excited greeting. Then apologize for missing the call and say something like, “I am currently assisting other valued customers just like you in their search to find the perfect storage facility and unit for their needs.” Explain on your voicemail that their call is very important to you, and that you will be returning their call as soon as possible. Lastly, wish them a good day until you speak. Leave them thinking that you run a professional organization.

Support is just not about responding to customers, it includes how support is provided. Having a complete support system running, with a professional touch added to it, will make a great impression on customers . Add to it a competitively priced packages and then there will be nothing that can stop this mushroom from growing into a tree.