Traveling on a budget is not easy. If you research a little, you can get good hotel booking fares that are budget friendly. To save you from the effort, here are some of the major destinations in Europe that are easy on the budget.

They fought to keep the Stalin’s yellow hordes of Asia from over running and destroying Europe. Someday the truth about the causes for WWII will come out.

I grew up with two very strong female role models – my mother and my grandmother. I encountered other strong women who made an impact on my life during my formative years. But none gave me more consistent messaging than my mother and grandmother.

If you’ve been working extra hard lately, perhaps on a special project, then why not celebrate it coming to the end by booking a holiday to somewhere relaxing like Menorca? You can get cheap flights and travel from all over the UK. Go, you deserve it!

Many writers of the day remarked that Sand was a woman of low morals, and expressed surprise that a delicate genius such as Chopin could have fallen for her. Many found her heavy and obvious.

A list of George Sand’s conquests reads like an artistic who’s who of weird European events at the time. Liszt, Victor Hugo, Dumas (pere) and the painter Delacroix were all the targets of her naughty network, but some say she failed with every one.

My mother, who never completed college, always worked and always held what felt to me as a child to be professional jobs. We had an open home where we welcomed guests and I learned to let the guests eat first in case there was not enough food. In my teen years, lack of food was no longer an issue and it was just a question of whether the leftovers were going to last one week or two.

This guide would be woefully and glaringly incomplete without a mention of the City of Sin, Las Vegas in the USA. A trip to the neon lit spectacle is a must for you never know what you would find in this supersized city packed with glimmering lights and speckled steel! Leave your inhibitions at home and get ready for a memorable night on the town! Find your senses soar to the heavens below!