Raise the automobile up. If you do not own a lift, use ramps or a jack. Pick up the rear so you will be able to get under it. Evaluate the shape of all the parts of your exhaust system prior to starting. If you want to start at the catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, or the crossover pipe, make sure to order the necessary parts before getting rid of the old exhaust system.

Finally, you need to check the engine compartment. You need to check the fluid levels. If the oil is dark colored it should be changed. If the automatic transmission fluid is not bright red the transmission is likely in bad shape. A major expense and not worth the time and trouble.

One more step. Connect the muffler section to the connecting pipe. The best way to do this is to slip the exhaust hangers on the muffler into the hanging rubber bushing first, then swing the rear section up and fit it into the connecting pipe. Then all that’s left to do is tighten down the supplied clamp. I would recommend making sure all your connections are tight and you muffler tips exit your bumper straight. Oh yea, and don’t forget to re-install that skid plate/heat shield.

Hydroxy gas assists in the combustion of fuel. This means that the fuel you use you get better results from. The combustion cycle uses less fuel to obtain the same results. Instead of unused fuel going to the catalytic converter recycling to be cooked, it’s used up in the combustion cycle. This is how hydroxy gas adds efficiency. This process also leads to cleaner emissions and a cleaner engine. After the combustion cycle is completed the hydroxy gas turns into water vapor.

If we look at the last forty years, we find when fuel prices went up, people traded in their cars for models that got better mileage. When fuel went down, even though it never went back down to what it had been, people traded their small car for a big car. Fuel prices have run in tandem with trade ins and new car purchases, or vice versa depending on where you’re looking from. When a large percentage of the cars that had been bought during the last rise, or drop, in fuel prices were close to be paid for, the price of fuel would go the other way…up if it had previously gone down or down if it had previously gone up. Advertising and the salesman’s pitch always work in conjunction with what the buyer wants to hear and believe.

It’s also just as important to use your nose. A recurring strange smell usually indicates there is something wrong. Sometimes you may drive by a big truck or an old car that burns a lot of oil. The smell being emitted by such a vehicle may pass into your car, so you may think there is a strange smell when in fact it is just the odour coming off another vehicle.

Honey – If the car smells very sweet like honey then the coolant might be leaking. However, it is also possible that the kid spilled a drink in the back seat.

I am sure there will be copycats of CarMD in the near future, but they have set the bar. The only thing that would be better is if you could use it on older cars too. I do not know why you can’t, most 80’s cars have computers, and I had them plug in my ’86 Camaro at AutoZone.