The modern world is where the human being has mastered one art above all others to perfection. Being sedentary, spending hours sitting, whether it be whilst driving, at work, watching television or eating meals.

In Shape. If you’ve been working out and can jog and do bodyweight exercises without too much intense effort then it’s time to start running and weight training. Weight training is great for weight loss, as you add more muscle, your body will burn more energy while resting, which means additional calories being burned throughout the day for just having more muscle.

7) Living life to the fullest helps you look good. Proper exercise, coupled with proper nutrition, will help you lose fat and build or retain muscle. This will make your body look better, even to yourself. You will look like someone you take care of your body.

Don’t carry on seeing your legs getting more flabby, your stomach wobbling around as though it has a will of its own. Upper arms jiggle. Time best exercise for action.

Exercise releases endorphins in the brain that make you feel happy and energetic. It is also a natural diet aid; you will feel less hungry after exercising.

Make it an adventure – create an adventure. For example, go for a hike and see what comes of it. Climb a tree, use a log as a balance beam, scramble up a steep hill, run down the other side. Connect with nature and feel alive!

Fast weight loss is not impossible if you love the exercise you are doing and you set a proper plan for it. Although you can stay on to do what you like, changing the way you exercise is a better choice. You can choose to jog today and swim with your friend the next day. You can also take a break by simply going for a walk the day after the next. Similar to dieting plans, you need to love what you eat in order to stay on with the program.