Have you recently experienced a breakup? Are you considering how to get your ex lover back? Just about every man and women has suffered from some sought of breakup and the vast majority work through just moving on instead of looking for ways to reconcile with their ex lover. So if you are through with victim mentality and want a chance to get back with your ex lover. You do have a number of options. All people handle breakups, but do breakups mean you cannot reconcile with your ex lover?

Using patterned scrapbooking papers. This is by far the easiest way to really personalise your layouts. By selecting various papers and colours to mix and match you are infusing your page with your own style and personality.

It is a wise insight to know that this is the worst possible time to make life changing decisions. Unfortunately it’s when most people do make those decisions and as a result create more mess than is necessary.

Goals are set by ourselves, for ourselves. Your company or employer may set you objectives, but the scope of ‘goals’ is much wider than merely ‘objectives’. These goals are markers you set out to achieve which will act as guiding lights in your path towards success. Follow them with diligence, and you will never stray from a path that will eventually give you success.

Each time you find yourself disliking or rejecting someone, or something about someone, label it clearly as a frustra. Frustra are the root of frustrations. Frustrations and criticism of others might not be obviously linked to your energy, Inspiration boards and happiness at first but you will see the immaculate link by working through frustra.

It takes energy, perseverance and belief to be able to change even the smallest things in your life, let alone those major goals which pass through your mind when you are sitting contemplating your “New Year’s Resolutions”. I believe that there are two really big goals which everyone should set but very few do so.

This life force has many names: In Yoga Vital energy is called Prana, in Christian teachings the Holy Spirit, in Buddhism it is called Compassion. In Chinese teachings it is QI. It flows through everything. In everyday language it is energy.