For anyone who wants to make money online the biggest question is always – How to get more traffic? And for most of us who don’t want to spend loads of cash on advertising and marketing – How to get free traffic to my website? I am also one of the latter. That is why I will give you my top 10 ways to get free traffic and to drive hundreds of prospects to your websites, blogs, or links.

Craigslist is a great platform for those that have gone through severe failure with their website in the recent past. For some reason if your website has not done well and failure is the thing it has gone through then Craigslist is the solid platform for your website to revamp. You can put in your ad here as a classified ad on this site. Craigslist can be used for effective promotion of your product or service. In this way you can too gain back link for your website hence the ranking in search engine online blogs will get increased.

As you would have heard from the Internet Marketing Guru’s that you need your own domain name and web hosting to make any serious money on the net. Of course you can start as an affiliate marketer without these initial costs but it will not make you any serious money. Yes you can start without these initial costs and once you have made some money reinvest those earnings in domain name and webhosting.

The online community is teeming with positions. Writers are needed everywhere. From web content to EArticles the skill of pairing together words in an appealing fashion has never been more sought after. Even See what video games I play are often written by paid writers. If you have a computer and a little skill you can definitely find work writing online. Or if you have the skill you can design websites for local business. Even if you haven’t been trained in web design you can find courses to take online that will teach you all you need to know.

Put forth the image of an expert in your field. This is a lucrative internet marketing tool. Focus your products and services on a very specific segment of the market, then utilize search engine optimization so that those buyers will be able to find your site on the internet. You have to give your customers what they actually want to buy, not what you believe they want.

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Well, I hope these free ways to get traffic works for you. There are also loads of other ways, but these are my personal top ones. Try all and see which work best for you.