A storage shed offers a solution to your storage problems. It gives you a place to store all your tools, garden supplies, dirt bikes, RVs, boats, or anything else you want kept safe.

The floor has all kinds of blemishes, sodas spilled on the floor, food and crumbs get on the floor and ground into the porous engineered retaining blocks by all the foot traffic. No light reflection so it looks pretty drab.

Trek creates a large selection of mountain bikes with the Trek 820 and the Trek 6500 being two of the best. It is easy to become confused when you look at the range available, but if you just relax and take your time you will easily be able to find the right bike to suit you.

Back in the parish office just before 9 A.M., I was informed that an airplane had crashed into a World Trade Center building. I wanted to go up to the fourth floor priests’ residence to take a look. I had always enjoyed the World Trade Center buildings, beautifully framed by my bedroom window. Before I could do that, the phone rang and a neighboring parish priest asked if I could go immediately to the World Trade Center. Priests were needed to minister to the wounded. The office TV then revealed that this was no small plane crash.

Though we were ministering to the injured from the North Tower, our triage was closest to the South Tower. At 9:50 A.M. a loud, cracking sound came from that tower. It was collapsing. The top 20 floors were tilting toward and falling on top of us while the lower 90 floors were folding like an accordion into the foundation of the building. I was able to run several yards across Fulton Street to clutch the iron fence around St. Paul’s Church yard. Three other persons behind me with the same idea were only able to grasp one of my legs before we were plunged into the darkness of the falling debris. We remained in the dark struggling to breathe and listening to screams for help.

When you concrete sleepers snore it is the result of obstructed airways. In turn, snoring loosens your soft palate that can obstruct your airways even further. If you are the person who snores loud and proud, you are actually limiting your oxygen intake into your body.

The recognizable presence of a priest who represents the compassion and forgiveness of God should never be underestimated, especially in the midst of sudden crisis or in the face of such evil. The presence of God and the grace of God was and still is tangible at Ground Zero.

Sooner or later it will cost money. Neglect always costs more than maintenance. Make it nice and it adds value whether in moral or productivity. Pretty simple, people like to go to nice places and don’t like to go to ugly places. Do yourself a favor, take care of your concrete.