There is a right dog for anyone desiring to share their life with a canine partner, but there are some important rules to follow when making the big decision. The following ten rules will help make the decision easier and provide you with a framework to making the best choice possible.

Apples should be washed well, but leave the skin on; it’s an anti-oxidant. Apples have oodles of Vitamin A and C. They are an excellent source of fiber, and they “crunch.” Smear some peanut butter on the slices for added protein. Do not feed your Natural Appetite Stimulant for Dogs the apple seeds…they contain arsenic.

Next, teach your dog the command “focus” or “watch me!” Dogs are not multi-task oriented. They can only do one thing at a time. By distracting your dog, by making them focus on you, and follow a simple “sit” or “down” command, you may give the object of their previous focus time to get away.

The breed of dog or the breeds the dog is mixed with has a lot to do with the dog’s temperament. The dog’s temperament is his personality. Do you want a friendly dog or do you need a guard dog? Does your idea of a dog one who will learn a lot of commands easily or a dog that is a little stubborn? Does an active dog or a calm dog fit your lifestyle and personality? Are you a person who doesn’t mind a dog that needs a lot of attention or do you prefer one that is content with alone time? The staff should be able to help you learn the temperament of various dogs if you only ask.

All natural homemade dog food can be an option, as well as all natural healthy Dog Appetite food that is prepared. An example of an all natural homemade diet can consist of 75% meat, 25% vegetables, plus eggs and supplements. This type of diet would not include any carbohydrates. This means you should avoid rice, potato, pasta or bread and nothing that contains sugar and starch.

Teach your dog to stay on his “place” while your family is having dinner. His place can be a dog bed, area rug, or his open crate. If you insist on feeding your dog table scraps be sure to wait until you are done eating and then go over and give them to him while he’s on his place or out of his dog bowl. This will help prevent him from embarrassing you and begging from your mother-in-law.

I wanted to publish this information to keep our dog’s health fresh in the mind. Maybe we are not noticing the things that we should. Pay attention to the way your dog behaves on a day to day basis. If you start doing this regularly it will become second nature. Then you will just start doing this automatically.