Water, there is something about ‘water’ that soothes the soul and brings a smile to your face. It doesn’t matter if it is a pond, a lake, a river, a beach, a lagoon or the ocean; each is special. However, some are more visually appealing, spectacular and awe inspiring than others. So come on, let’s wander the world, one wondrous water body at a time.

YESHUA felt distinctly the difference between this wilderness and the world in which he was at home — the Galilean villages and richness — crowds, people always around — activity continually. Here there was nothing. No life, simply contemplation. No activity, rather inactivity. Here was the immensity of nothingness — pain and suffering of isolation — weeping and gnashing of teeth at deprivation. Yet here he was attracted — to this unattractive place. To this expanse of sameness, nothingness, absence of all that makes and gives life. What is this place that it does so?

Opposition: Luke gives details about the general and specific reactions about how the religious leadership opposed the ministry and work of Jesus. Jesus taught the people with authority and gave them new hope in God. The leaders served a role that looked for the wrong that anyone did and condemned them for it.

God’s apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong, saw we must reach “the cities of Judah” and yet God didn’t permit him to do it. But God will give Judah His Message, last but not least! God has been raising up someone for this very purpose (Isaiah 41:27).

The Deep Sea Cosmetics offers the mud product coming from the Bethlehem. This product is great for enhancing blood circulation. After applying the mud on your face or body, you have to leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. It will surely work miracles for your skin because the mud contains a load of essential minerals.

God said that he would harden the hearts of many during this time because of their disbelief and they would believe the lie of the Antichrist who came to setup his new world order and to rule in God’s temple in jerusalem. The Antichrist setup a new law that required the people to have the mark of the beast 666 put on their foreheads or hands. Anyone who resisted the number of the beast would be arrested, imprisoned, or beheaded for their disobedience. Everyone was to worship the Antichrist and to follow the False Prophet and the new world religion.

I think the last part of this verse “a lion upon the fugitives of Moab” gives us a clue as to the enemy invaders. Commentaries are uncertain if this is Asshurbanipal of Assyria, who overran the country in about BC 645 or Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon who conquered the Moabites in about BC 612. Hunting lions was a favorite sport of the Assyrians, as we can see from reliefs from Asshurbanipal’s palace. As the previous prophecy against Philistia appears to indicate that the Assyrians will be attacking Philistia, it is not illogical to assume that the Assyrians are also the invaders in this next section.

One reason for so many denominations is people not using the weight of evidence to formulate a doctrine, but going on maybe 1-6 texts on a topic while either being ignorant of or ignoring everything else.