There are two major aspects that relate to search engine traffic: Content and link backs. The more posts you do the more the keywords to get your blog and or your site. It’s very easy to find blogs with a particular keyword as opposed to the regular template sites.

So I showed up to teach what I had prepared which was about two hours of material. I only knew that I was to be paid $700 and so I assumed about 2 hours worth of material was required. You can imagine how surprised I was when I found out that my time slot was actually only twenty minutes long. My first speaking gig paid me more in that twenty minutes than I ever made teaching the martial arts – at least in comparison to minutes.

I changed my mind and want to share an anecdote about why your employees have to believe in your brand. Q2 Marketing worked for an IT and where some of the employees took it upon themselves to design and produce their own business cards because they were so embarrassed by the company’s outdated cards. And they cringed anytime anyone asked for their URL.

One company that can help create a fire branding impact is Letter Click. The Letter Click Company is an Email Services Provider (ESP) that brands your email consistently. If you want to try out their service, give them a try for 30 days. I’m sure you will be pleased with the results. I have been using their service for a few months and recommend them.

We give the winning author a reception at which he reads from his novel and talks and, of course, a monetary reward. We have presented five Willie Morris awards, and our panel of judges is reading books for the next year’s award.

Listen to what your client is saying and thinking. Open the lines of communication on all levels within the organization. Be able to articulately convey what you are hearing, your discoveries, actionable items, processes and solutions. Establish communication boundaries and guidelines. Remember to report back findings and results.

Gil was 11 years old when the horse bug bit him. “I was at Princess Anne Stables in Virginia Beach, VA and my cousins who lived there had horses. They asked if I would like to ride Mr. Buttons. I said yes and the rest is history.” By the time the family arrived home, it was clear to Gil’s dad, who had shown hunters in his earlier years while on summer vacations in Pinehurst, SC, that Gil wasn’t about to let go of his new captivation.

What are you waiting for? It’s a new year, new allocations, lots more money… and, there’s probably a check with your name on it just waiting to be cashed!