This won’t make me popular around Boston, but it needs to be said: I am from Florida, and I am a Rays fan. If it’s any consolation to all you Sox fans, I was in agony throughout game 7 too. But after a great ALCS, we now have the least likely World Series matchup possible with Tampa Bay and Philadelphia going at it tomorrow night.

If test scores were an issue, do you think that you can improve them? If grades are an issue, can you enroll in a local college, take germane classes and raise your GPA? This process takes some honest assessment on your part. Talk to people in admissions if necessary and ask them what they want or are looking for. To be honest, some of things you’ll need to do may take longer than the 9-10 months you have before the next admissions cycle.

You should submit your sites to the web directory. Directory submission is one of the things which I must say that is quiet important. It can get you hundreds of the back links if you are serious enough. If you will go in detail then you will find the hobby Directories as well.

While some people may question Tiger’s driving ability on and off the course, I would love to see him start a NASCAR team. He already broke the racial barrier in a rich, white, sophisticated sport. Why not break the racial barrier in a poor, white, unsophisticated sport (remember that I am a huge NASCAR fan)? I would root for this team.

Two major factors that keep a company cutting edge and in front of your clients is content generation and the content distribution channels used. Content is considered news about projects your company has completed, contracts you have won, awards you have won, offers and promotions, articles you have written, new website launches, new products, and pretty much anything else deemed newsworthy. How will they know unless you tell them? Your potential clients are not visiting your site everyday to see what is new. It is your responsibility to tell them, and tell them often. This constant communication builds brand loyalty and creates a community of clients, not just a random encounter!

Sprint is offering the LG Optimus S, which is a Sprint ID compatible phone for the low price of free. Again, this is a web special, and requires a two year agreement. Another Sprint ID compatible phone that is being offered up for free is the Sanyo Zio. Both are Android phones.

World Rugby shop coupon codes can help shoppers score savings. For many, this can make shopping for a gift easier than ever. These offer a great way to save money on gifts for everyone.

Well, there you have it. All of the above ideas can be started with a small investment for a domain name and hosting, add a little time and elbow grease and you’ll be well on your way to building a full time income working from home.