In this special article we are going to discuss one issue which is a very important for your success. What is that issue? Visibility – your own visibility in society, your own visibility in the area where you want your patient to come from. Your visibility in your target patient’s area.

There are a few directions your visibility can take you. One is how your customers see you. That’s where you want to build the know-like-trust factor so people will buy from you.

Public Speaking – Think of public speaking as the Visit our website factor on steroids. People are more likely to connect with you and REMEMBER you (or even want more of YOU), if you are standing in front of them with a message that’s relevant to their success.

The need to light your way puts you on a separate tier for lights. There are only a handful that can do it at anything close to a reasonable price. Amongst those, there is only one that is light and easy to use.

It could be that your staff are called out to dangerous situations or hazardous environments. Perhaps they deal with chemical spills, clean up after traffic accidents, or investigate the cause of fires. They’ll need to remain safe and visible at all times, and ensure that bystanders are aware of who is in control of the situation.

There are people who look really successful, write sales letters that make them sound like rock-stars… and aren’t making any money. They want you to think that, but in truth they aren’t. You don’t need to post your financials for the world to see, but just don’t start pumping yourself up as a person with a lifestyle that’s not really yours. People won’t trust you if you’re not honest. Period.

You can see how a decorative, mostly visible it can be a great choice for your window, and even if your guests never had a clue your choice can show them what a great decorator you really are!