OK so you have written a blog, that’s a great start! What you need to do next is get your blog out there to the viewers. The more traffic you receive, the better your content will appear in the search engines. What you are aiming for, of course is spot #1 on Google. Knowing how to get traffic to your blog will save you time, money and help you generate quality leads.

But remember, to really hear your customers, you’re missing the boat entirely if you’re not plugged into social media. Only a very foolish business owner considers it a waste of time.

Select the proper keywords for your articles and place them strategically into your posts. Your potential customers use search queries in search engines to discover the new websites related to their current needs. Ask yourself, how would one of your customers search for a website like yours? How would they search for a specific web page like one that you are trying to promote? The answers to these questions will give you your first clues to your best keywords. These keywords act as flags for the search engines so that they understand your content is relevant to that specific search query.

While social media has given us a wide opportunity to check how our friends are doing, but gluing yourself in front of the computer is more of a distraction than helpful. When you spend countless hours viewing other people posts and checking your notification box, this can prove to be a hindrance to you working more productively. Unless, you are a social media marketing specialist, then I shouldn’t argue further. When your work has nothing to do with these my blog, then don’t get caught up in this so-called social necessity. See? There are many things that will lure us to leave our day-to-day tasks. Don’t get screwed Being too busy (with Facebook or Twitter??) doesn’t mean you are really being productive.

Tip: make sure that any user name or password is at least 12 characters long. Many social media or email sites require at least six characters, but this is not enough. The longer the passcode is, the harder it is to guess or dig out using software.

If you both work and need to hire care providers for your children, do not give these household employees any more information than they need to know. There is no reason for a nanny or babysitter to know your child’s social media profiles security number. Any child care provider needs to know where to take your child in a medical emergency, what time to take or pick him up from school, what to feed him, and so on. And that’s it.

Asking Back to Soon – One good time together does not immediately mean that you should ask for them back. You need to take it slow and build your relationship back up again. Unless your ex asks for you back directly, you should not assume that they will get back with you just because you spent one nice day together. Give it time to make sure the two of you are on the same page.

Organically building inbound links is the way to improve your site’s ranking. Choose quality over quantity. Start building a few and continue to add to it each week.