Traditional gowns are still the reigning queens of the wedding world, but the up-and-coming princess is the short gown. They’re still a very small feature of most bridal designer showings, but they are making an impact in the spring and summer collections. Do you think you have what it takes to pull off a short bridal gown?

There’s probably little need for a lecture on procrastination because this is a night you’ve been looking forward to for awhile, but it is nevertheless an important element. It is important to remember that your date is a male, and although he may be excited he may not share your same level of intensity. Plan ahead to make sure you’re both on the same page and are well coordinated.

One final thing you must consider when you are planning a bridal shower is planning for after the shower. Buying some thank you notes for the bride Romantic wedding to send that match the invitations is a nice touch. Furthermore, giving the bride a preprinted list of guests with up-to-date address information can also be quite helpful.

If your wedding is classified as modern styles, halter dresses are your favorite choices. This style will add elegance to this design. With simple yet gorgeous nature, dress made of chiffon with a knee-length will be great for a romantic wedding.

My dream wedding myth number seven: The bride must be escorted down the aisle and ‘given away’ by someone. This is a long standing tradition, but it not necessary. This tradition originated from a time when women were bought (or worse, captured). Women were an object, passed from one owner and given away to the next.

Joan had become preoccupied with her sense of guilt. She had badly let down her life-time friend Sally. Not gone to her best pal’s wedding. There was a good reason or so she had tried to tell herself. The conference was one she had keenly wanted to attend. But she could have put it off until the following year. She knew she should have put her life-long friend first. Sure, Sally was still speaking – after a fashion — but Joan couldn’t forgive herself.

Don’t rule out you beach wedding ideas because you don’t live near an ocean. The definition of a “beach” is – “the shore of a body of water, especially if sandy or pebbly”. That includes lakes and rivers. For that matter, you may have a “beach” right by your swimming pool. There are no rules. Be creative!