I have friends who will not use social media for fear of identity theft. They are missing out on a lot of fun activity because of their fears. There are three safeguards you should always use to avoid the pitfalls of being online. First, do your own research on a social media website. Second, talk to a trusted friend or family member about how they use it. Third, use caution about what information you do share on a social media website.

Channels. On the “Discover Interests” page, there is also a “Channels” tab. This allows the user to filter RSS feeds of well-known websites, brands and people.

Facebook does a great job of cutting down on the way we grow our profiles. Back a few years ago myspace was the big tienda de redes sociales. Myspace was huge, but there biggest flaw was they let people build up a profile of endless amount of people. This led to the downfall of Myspace because everyone was creating these huge lists of friends, just to blast out there opportunity.

And third, use caution about the type of information you share on a social media site. Never put your social security number, bank account or credit card numbers on any site. You can even restrict who gets to see the information you post on Facebook, but you have to be vigilant about marking things you want to be private.

Rewards cards are awesome to use because they give you a big savings on sales but also there are usually incentives to being a member. Sometimes you will save money on gas at your local gas station if they have a deal with them or you can build points to save on groceries and other sales.

Then when your website is up and running, it is time to promote it. This is where search engine optimization and search marketing comes in. For sure you would want your site to rank high in the search engine search results. For this to happen you need to build as many good links to your website. You will also have to market your site through the top social websites that are popular nowadays.

Site visitors want to know details as soon as possible. If they have to work too hard to find out what you’re offering, they will likely leave. You need to be clear on what you want them to do. Don’t sell more than one thing from your landing page. Decide on the main action you want them to take, and talk about only that. The best thing to do on your landing page is to offer your client something that will sign them up to your list.

Posting tweets that are useful is another thing that needs to be done. When you have a trusted group of people in your friends list they would try to know what you do for earning your bread and butter. This is the right time to introduce them to your network marketing opportunity as a MLM consultant and recruit downlines within no time!