Thanks to new medical breakthroughs and new drugs, we as a population are living longer and more active lives. In 1900, the life expectancy of the average American was 47. Today, there are more survivors of cancers and diseases that were previously considered incurable. Depending on when you were born, you can expect to live to 76 to 91 years old.

If Madeleine leaves the home, the others would have to be sent to nursing homes. So, she tells the medics she does not need to leave for the hospital. Madeleine signs all the paperwork to show she did decide to stay home health aide salary against their urging. One medic makes a face as if this was a waste of time and energy. In my mind, the intervention helped me to assess the situation that I was left with once the paramedics left.

If you wish to hire a caregiver privately, you can find one online through a listing service such as Elderpost, a website specifically developed for caregivers, seniors, and providers of care and products. You can put an ad in a local newspaper, or again, ask the Alzheimer’s Society. Adult Day Care centres often know of people, as may a nursing home.

Atmosphere is everything for the majority of people, and seniors are no different. Some seniors prefer to not see alcohol beverages being consumed, loud conversations, bright lights, and most are especially sensitive to cold and heat. Just because aunt Susie has on two layers of clothes, including her favorite sweater, doesn’t mean she won’t be cold inside the restaurant. It doesn’t matter if it’s 90 degrees outside, that all changes with the elderly and indoor air-conditioning. We all want comfort, and they certainly deserve it.

Jury trial begins in stealing in quadriplegic stolen bankcard – Macomb County, Mich. – A home health aide training accused of stealing a bankcard from the quadriplegic man she was caring for is standing trial. Police reported the woman withdrew $1,000 from his bank account after she helped into the shower and left him there at his St. Clair Shores home. The suspect, Kristen Doris, 27, of Eastpointe is being charged with larceny in a building and possession of a financial transaction device and two counts of stealing/retaining a financial transaction device without consent. The case is being heard before Judge Mark Switalski.

Retirement and beyond is the longest period of our lives for which most of us have no plan. Sure, many of us retire and age with general goals in mind. Some go back to school to re-train for a new career, some become master bridge players, some plan to travel around the world and some spend time with grandchildren and loved ones.

I was slowly realizing that this road to enlightenment must be traveled as a limber tree gracefully bows to the wind; because stiff ones break, and my cunning logic, that I had relied upon so heavily in the past, was only delaying progress, but meditation was helping.

Think of long term care as one of the basic necessities of life. It’s no different than shelter, clothing and food because it’s something that we need, maybe not now but in the future. So who should buy long term care insurance? Everybody.