The first thing you should do before you start using your lawn mower is read the operators manual that comes with it and follow the guidelines. Many people skip this part out when it is one of the most important. Do not assume that all lawn mowers are similar because they are not. They all have different safety features and requirements. Just because you have used one lawn mower before does not mean the next one you buy will be exactly the same. You must take time to learn about your mower before use in order to keep yourself safe. It is essential.

Finally, decide whether or not you want a mulching Robotic lawn mower. These mowers have special blades that will continually chop up the blades of grass into tiny fragments. These fragments are returned to the ground where they decompose and act as a natural fertilizer. If you don’t mulch, you’ll probably want to bag, and that means catching the clipping and disposing of them. That’s a little more work for you.

Rotary mowers fit virtually in between the two. Perfect for larger lawns which might be a little uneven or slightly overgrown. Perhaps a little bit excessive to deal with for a hover mower. However, they won’t give you the perfect bowling green finish.

The size of your lawn is the single-most important factor in choosing between a push Do robot mowers work and riding mower. Generally speaking, if your lawn is less than 1\2 acre, you might do well with a push mower. Anything over 1\2 acre, you should seriously consider a riding mower. On lawns this size, the time it would take for you to mow with a 22-inch push mower could be cut in half using a 42-inch rider, giving you less lawn time and more wife time.

Catcher or thatcher?: If you want to catch the clippings of your lawn choose one with a rear mounting catching. If not, then consider a thatcher mower. It cuts the grass into small pieces and then blows them down into the lawn for a fertile covering.

After all the old oil has been poured out, screw the plug back on. Do not overtighten. If your machine has an oil filter, make sure to replace it and to clean the gasket that comes with it. After all these, it’s time to fill in the tank with the new oil. Replace the cap and the dipstick then. The last task for this step is to fill the mower with gas, reconnect the spark plug, start the mower and then check for oil leaks.

In light of the green movement, the recent gas price escalation, people’s desire to save time and business’s desire to optimize labor costs, robotic lawn mowers are here to stay.