As part of his book “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell stated that it requires ten thousand hours of training to master an art form or subject. But with guitar (as well as other skillsets) the amount of time you spend training is merely part of the puzzle. You also need to understand what and HOW to rehearse to get the most out of all your guitar practice time.

Coach Tommy Pavia likes to talk about making an opponent “heavy” on one foot. By grabbing an opponent’s arm and pulling him forward, for instance, you can force your opponent to bring the leg toward you that you want to attack.

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If you’re challenging yourself effectively, you might not be able to master the full song in one practice session. It might take weeks or months to master a tune and that is alright. From time to time however, you will hit a wall in which you cannot improve it any further. No biggie. Simply set the tune aside for a couple months and try it once art jamming workshop more after you’ve enhanced your skills elsewhere. You don’t have to attempt perfection with everything.

The primary cause is not having a strong system designed for your practice sessions. Let’s go over a perfect guitar rehearsal session to suit your needs.

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Developing a solid system and regularly challenging yourself to attempt something a little bit tougher will make sure that your 10,000 hours of mastering guitar are very well used.