Saving money around the house is easier than you think. All it takes is a little effort and willpower and before you know it your savings account will be overflowing! The very first step before attempting these savings is to create a savings account; it should not be easily accessible. But viewing it as it grows is the best reward. Secondly, set a savings goal, and stick with it! Keep an open mind about change to achieve your savings goal.

Is the web the new TV? Many think so. With YouTube channels get almost as many hits as some TV shows, it’s not a far fetched idea. I can tell you right now, I get my news online, not from the TV.

So what do you do about those items that you can’t quite figure out where to store? Items like odd batteries and eye glass cleaner. I’ll tell you what not to do. Don’t buy a large rubber container and label it ‘miscellaneous.’ Obviously, if you don’t know exactly what’s in your miscellaneous bin, you’re only containing chaos in a smaller space.

Newspapers have been beaten down a lot recently, but they were so well-loved to begin with that they aren’t at the kind of levels that guarantee market beating returns regardless of how well they’re run. That’s happened in other businesses. You could extract more cash from a dying business than the stock was selling for. That isn’t the case here. The stock is currently priced as if it were a continuing (albeit mature) business.

Long-term, I don’t like the idea of expensive online subscriptions. It looks like a great idea now, but it could limit future ad revenue. Becoming a dominant online news destination would prove extraordinarily profitable. Unfortunately, no one is going to capture more than a tiny sliver of the son xeber market by charging a lot of money for their content.

Taking a vacation helps you get a taste of the culture, geography, climate, economy and politics. Consider an excursion that gives you an overview of Belize. Explore the Mayan ruins. Kayak through caves. Go bird watching in the jungle. Snorkel and dive among the coral reefs. Or, if you already know the type of area you prefer, such as the coast, create a travel itinerary that focuses on that area.

When shopping, buy the store brand and buy in bulk if you can. Also, use coupons and try to drink tap water instead of buying expensive water and soda.