Are work from home jobs real? They absolutely are. There are telemarketing jobs, internet marketing jobs and data entry jobs that people can do from home. There are some “scams” out there. However, many companies do want to provide you with the opportunity to market their product online.

This is the first opportunity for you as a freelance writer. You can connect with website owners and write web content for them. With millions of websites on millions of different topics there is more than enough demand. The way the internet works also means that there is a constant demand for fresh content and for you as a writer this means that there is virtually a never ending supply of work.

OK… So now you’ll need to make sure that the article topics you have selected are relevant to your business. You don’t want to send people who are interested in network marketing to a website that’s about affiliate marketing. These Content everyday aren’t as relevant as some would think they are. This will ensure that you build lasting relationships with these people and gain their trust.

A poorly designed website can frustrate your users and make them vow to never visit your site again! Your site should be easy to navigate and it should look professional. The last thing you want is to have a buyer leaving your site because he got frustrated or thought you were a scam because of your site being designed poorly.

You have to build backlinks, write unique Online content everyday everyday, do on-page and off-page search engine marketing, and a slew of other things. You have to do all of this just to get traffic from the search engines. If this doesn’t sound like something that you don’t want to do, then I know how you feel. But even if you were to get insane amounts of traffic using search engine marketing… how would you get them to convert into sales?

Now with the other three articles you are going to submit them to article directories. Just do a search for “article directory” to find some high quality places to submit your articles. In the author bio part of the article you are going to want to put a link back to your home page you created with your affiliate link.

2)If you know who your target audience is, then it is best to see what they are most interested in reading about. You can do this by visiting blogs, online discussion forums and chat rooms. Take notes about what they are discussing and customize an article to meet their interests. Not only will you get various topic ideas, but your articles will be on the cutting edge.

Obviously payment needs to be addressed. There are no hard and fast rules for how much you can earn. In theory you can earn just as much online as you could offline but the main benefit is the flexibility that an online job offers. There are a number of options available to you. You can register at freelance website to sell your services, you can find long term contracts or you can wind permanent employment with writing agencies. Its up to you and you need to weight up all the pro’s and con’s to see what works best for you. In the end the opportunity is there and you need to take it and run with it.