Time is precious and we don’t want it to slip away that easy without taking advantage of its significance. To circumvent waste of time, Snapshot can be a great help to us.

Use it to clean the cracks in those linoleum kitchen countertops. Once I thought those little brown lines where part of the design. Can you imagine how embarrassed I felt when my realtor pointed out it was grease? Well, I got out my old toothbrush and went to work….

Soft-eyes are scanning problems inherent of the natural film curvature while scanning. To avoid soft-eyes problems, use snapshots technique which allows fixation in few seconds. To do this, first open your file. Then go to filter > sharpen > unsharp mask. After that, a dialog box will appear with unsharp mask defaults. Set the default amount to 75 percent, radius to 1 pixel and threshold levels to zero or one. Finally, click OK. You may notice that the entire image has the unsharp mask applied to it beforehand. As a result, it sharpens the overall image.

You will find that there is still some of the background remaining with the newly added photo. To remove this, you need to use the Data Masking Tool. You can find it in the layers tool box. Select a brush and adjust the size accordingly.

Training for affiliate marketing is useless if they do not produce results. You need to find a company that has had real people with real results. They need to have support so when you need a question answered you can get it. They need to provide live chat training, video training, audio training, tutorial training, even have other internet marketers that are going attending the training or seasoned veterans that can give you a helping hand when you need it. Coaching that is effective and can guide you along as you progress super affiliate style.

Now creating a black and white image in Photoshop is a bit like putting together a puzzle with a 100 different solutions. As you begin to create more and more black and white images you will start to get a better feel for which of these pieces/techniques to use and how to use them.

In this image, I want the legs to be in the water, this means I want their opacity lowered so it looks like the legs are under water. For this, we need a grey colour. Watch as I brush with the grey! As you can see, I’ve brushed grey and his leg now looks partially hidden! Having image hosting problems atm, Photobucket being bad!