The basement tends to be the most neglected area in the average home. The lack of traffic and time spent down there usually leads to a unsanitary, unorganized space. Here are a few ways to brighten up that dirty, dingy basement.

Let’s assume that you have found and evaluated the property. Now you will need to negotiate the sales contract and buy this property for the lowest possible price. By having your own offer sheets, sales contracts and financing in place, you can move swiftly to acquire these moneymaking assets. As there are so many creative ways to finance real estate, I’ll only touch on a few here: owner financing, subject to existing loan, leases w/ option to buy, H.U.D. 203k rehab loans, conventional bank loans, assumptions, all cash, etc. You will see what type of financing can be used as the deals begin to take shape. Just be prepared to use the method that will work when you make your offer. Hint: It helps to be pre-qualified and if possible to have equity lines available to tap into if necessary.

Lay the paper plate, or a circle cut from construction paper, flat on your work surface. You probably want to spread some old newspapers or a craft drop-cloth under it, because there’s always a chance that you’ll spill or splatter paint, no matter how careful you are.

Be sure to buy one that suits the age of your child. Young children who are old enough to color in coloring books can enjoy a simple custom paint by numbers by number kit if it is simple enough!

There are several methods of transfering your design onto your fabric. You can always buy commercial designs from craft stores and iron them on, according to the instructions. Of course you can get your designs from photos paint by number kits and pictures found just about anywhere. Magazines are a good source, as well as postcards and greeting cards.

Memory flashback. This game is great for moms, grand moms, sisters, and other relatives as well. For this game, everyone gathers around and tells their favorite memories about mom. These can even include childhood memories as well. This game will definitely bring everyone closer and make the day special.

Overall, this system is a good desktop replacement with HD-DVD. Along with the built in webcam, the QuickPlay functions and affordable price, the HP Pavilion 9000t will not let you down.