If the car’s still running, it’s easy for some people to keep riding in it without getting anything done on it. This is a bad idea since oftentimes, little things can add up to big things. Also, what may not seem like a really expensive job can turn into a lot of money since things can build up over time. So to be on the safe side, get things fixed as soon as they break so you won’t end up with a huge car repair bill that can set you back.

What happened? Gordon won the pole, led early on, ran in the top five through the first stint. Where did they go wrong? For the first time in a very long time, Steve Letarte simply made a bad adjustment. A “big swing” on their first stop, and a mistake on the right-rear, dropped them back to 11th, and they were mired back in the field for much of the day, nearly getting lapped twice. One timely yellow, and then some late-conserving on the part of the leaders, kept him on the lead-lap, and several drivers fast cars out of fuel moved him up in the final laps, but it was not the day that Gordon needed after Johnson finally hit a bump in the road.

Stay on task. Know what you’re supposed to be doing at any given time, and do it. A schedule trains your body and mind to perform on demand, and helps focus your creativity. Once you’re in rhythm, you’ll automatically click into whatever mode you’re supposed to be in without waffling, worrying or wasting time.

The Rooster Teeth panel took place on Saturday in the Main Theater, the largest theater available at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and it was packed. It kicked off with Jack from Rooster Teeth announcing the members of Rooster Teeth one by one and them taking their seats.

You may be asking, didn’t you say you loved the PS3 and how it was one of your favorite products? I did and still believe the PS3 gaming system is one of its kind and a huge step into the gaming world of technology; I am just merely providing ideas for PS3 to create a more perfected gaming system that would make them far and beyond any other gaming system out there. Make it compatible with everything! Then again, like my father always said, “Want in one hand and s_ _t in the other; which one fills up faster.” I am a true believer in that quote and that is exactly what I am doing. So if you ever have the opportunity to buy a PS3 do it. It is worth every penny. In fact I am going to go play the PS3 now, ciao.

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