What is a back link? Explaining it in simple terms, they are those hyper links which are found in a web site other than your own site. These links are clickable and when clicked they will take the user back to your web portal. It is important to drive traffic to your site and improve conversion rate too. SEO expert will help you create these for you.

#3 – Strengthen your Resume. If your resume is not generating the responses and interviews you want, it’s time to try new tactics. Add a look at my magazine to it or spice up the one you have. Revamp the format so it’s easier to skim. Rewrite your bullet points to emphasize your achievements rather than just your job responsibilities.

So make a list of these networks and consider joining them. Don’t spread yourself too thin and join every network. One network already has hundreds, even thousands of products to promote so you want to go with a few networks that you feel will work.

What you need to do is visit Google blogs earch or Technorati to find out what the hottest blogs are in your niche. Once you’ve located them – sign up to their RSS feed…

When online blogs you advertise on Facebook you set up a campaign and then place your ads within the campaign. The ads are text-based with the option to have an image. I would highly recommend using an image so to attract more attention. To create your ad you add the url of your website or you can send people to your fan page if you have one. The title can be up to 25 characters and your description 69 characters.

So you can see the value of joining groups, but it also opens you up to other people who are interested in your area. You can click on here, go to ‘view all members,’ and that’s going to show you everyone in the group.

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